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Population Resources

Current and historic population data for the State of Montana is compiled from the Decennial Census and Population Estimates programs conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.  The Montana Population dashboard contains data from the U.S. Census Bureau Population Estimates Program.  It is the best available source of current and historic State, County and City population data.  The Montana County Population dashboard, also from the Population Estimates Program, contains county population breakdowns by age and race.  The Montana 2020 Census Population and Housing dashboard contains data from the 2020 Census.  The Census is conducted once every 10 years and attempts to count every person in the country.  Since this data is not a survey, it is the most accurate population figure available.  It is also the best available source of population data for a wider range of geographies including State, County, Cities, Reservations, State Legislative Districts and School Districts.

The Montana Population Projection dashboard contains State and County population projection data from the eREMI, a third party data source.  Population projections are more difficult in smaller rural counties.  Please take this into consideration when evaluating the usability of projections in rural counties.  



Census 2020 Population Resources