Census 2020

Complete Count Committee

Led by Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, the Montana Complete Count Committee (MTCCC) is panel of state leaders who represent the diverse communities, geographies and populations across our great state. Committee members work to increase the count by promoting and educating Montanans on the importance of the 2020 Census to our state’s elections, funding and future.

Montana Census & Economic Information Center (CEIC)

The Montana Census & Economic Information Center oversees, coordinates and staffs the outreach for the 2020 Census. The CEIC will form partnerships, identify and provide resources, and develop an effective strategy to encourage Montanans to participate in the 2020 Census.

CEIC Staff

Montana Complete Count Committee (CCC) Members

See also this Link to the Five Subcommittee Groupings

Mike Cooney
CCC Chair
Lt. Governor

Kathie Bailey
CCC Co-Chair
Executive Director
Snowy Mountain Development Corporation

Leonard Smith
CCC Co-Chair

Executive Director
Native American Development Corporation

Wallace Bear Chum
Census Tribal Partnership Specialist
Director of Tribal Services
Northern Cheyenne Tribe

Sean Becker
Bureau Chief Business Assistance Bureau
Department of Commerce

Dan Brunell
Operations Director
Montana Chamber of Commerce

Eric Bryson
Executive Director
Montana Association of Counties

Jeri Bucy
Montana U. S. Census Bureau Partnership Specialist
U.S. Census Bureau - Denver Regional Office
(406) 302-2227 jeribucy@2020Census.gov      

Tim Burton
Executive Director
Montana League of Cities & Towns

Mary Craigle
MT Census & Economic Information Manager
Montana Department of Commerce
Governor’s Liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau
Bureau Chief, Research & Information Services
(406) 841-2742 Mary.Craigle@mt..gov

Delina Cuts the Rope
Census Tribal Partnership Specialist
Chief Administrative Officer
Fort Belknap Indian Community Council

Eric Feaver
Montana Federation of Public Employees

Michael Gray
Little Shell Tribe Liaison
G & G Advertising

Susie Hedalen
Deputy Superintendent for Education Services
Montana Office of Public Instruction

George Kipp
Census Tribal Partnership Specialist
Blackfeet Manpower One-Stop Center

Dylan Klapmeier
Communications Director
Montana Office of Public Instruction

Joe Kolman
Legislative Analyst
Legislative Services Division

Sara Loewen
Bureau Chief, Intergovernmental Human Services
Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services

Crystine Miller
Asst. Program Services & Data Manager
Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education

Richard Miltenberger
Montana Health CO-OP

Heather O'Loughlin
Montana Budget & Policy Center

Gloria O'Rourke
Executive Director
Montana Economic Developers Association

Aaron Pratt
Business Development Specialist
Governor's Office of Economic Development

Tara Rice
Montana Department of Commerce

Erik Rose
Director of Institutional Research and Integration
Carroll College

Mary Rutherford
President & CEO
Montana Community Foundation

McCall Flynn
Policy Advisor for Education
Governor's Office

Jason Smith
Director of Indian Affairs
Governor's Office of Indian Affairs

Jennie Stapp
State Librarian
Montana State Library

Joan Taylor
Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging

Bob Vogel
Montana School Board Association (Retired) 

Jackie Weeks
Census Tribal Partnership Specialist
Fort Peck Tribe

Javon Wing
Census Tribal Partnership Specialist
Planning & Development Department
Chippewa Cree Tribe


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