Montana Population Projections

County level population projections provided by the Census & Economic Information Center (CEIC) are a product of Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) known as eREMI.

Based on the trusted REMI methodology that has been used by clients throughout the nation and the world for over thirty years, eREMI provides complete demographic forecasts through 2060 for Montana and the State's 56 counties.

Montana Population Projections, 1990 – 2060
Historic Estimates for 1990 - 2010; Projected Figures for 2011 - 2060
Released - April 2013

NOTE: Figures provided may not sum to the totals due to rounding during the estimation process.

With the development of the Bakken oil play in eastern Montana and western North Dakota, population change in the region is highly contingent on oil development and activities supporting the oil industry.

In an effort to account for potential effects increased oil development may have on the population in eastern Montana counties, CEIC has incorporated the work of the Montana Department of Transportation’s (MDT) Planning Division related to impacts of future oil development on the defined 16 county region with eREMI baseline county level projections.

Please refer to the Eastern Montana Population Projections - Methodology for a detailed explanation of the process for allocating MDT’s analysis on the entire region to each of the 16 counties within the region using eREMI county level population projections.

Eastern MT County Total Population Projections: 2012 – 2035
Released – April 2013