2013 Data User's Conference

Using American Factfinder & Other Data Query Tools Workshop
Presenters: Mary Craigle & Joe Ramler

Yes, even though the American Factfinder is a terribly complicated tool, data can be retrieved from it. Settle in for a morning spent in the wonderful world of the American Factfinder (AFF2). The interactive training will give data users experience with the data sets available and using the tools to retrieve and download information.

Due to technical difficulties this workshop was not recorded.

Please download workshop handouts using the below links before the webinar.

American Factfinder Handout - These examples will be done as Class during the workshop

Internet access is all that is needed to complete this workshop.

Due to a very limited amount of staff responsible for leading the workshop, technical support on the AFF search tool will be reserved for on-site conference attendees only during the American Fact Finder hands-on workshop. However, the workshop will be recorded and hosted on CEIC’s website for later viewing. If there are technical questions about the American Fact Finder tool, CEIC staff would be more than happy to talk one-on-one after the Data User’s Conference has adjourned.

Non-technical support questions – those that may broaden the scope of information for all conference attendees – from off-site conference attendees will be monitored and addressed by a staff member in the order they are received during the American Fact Finder (AFF) workshop. Questions that require substantial assistance or research will need to be addressed after the conference is over with off-site attendees on a one-on-one basis.

Due to variabilities involved in providing the workshops remotely, we are hopeful but not positive that everyone will be able to connect and participate